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The VA's would like to serve as a reminder the importance of helping our soldiers returning home, and all veterans, to get the care they need. It is critical that we work together to ensure that they enroll for VA care and educate them, their families and the community about what kinds of problems these veterans may potentially encounter. Veterans Organizations Service Officers, County Veteran Service officers and VA Enrollment & Admissions offices are excellent resources.


The Chapter works closely with PVA National Service Officer Brad Friez, located at the Dakota Regional Service Office in Sioux Falls, SD. The Chapter and PVA Service Officer continuously work together to ensure our members are provided with the quality of health care and benefits they are entitled to.
The PVA National Service Officer is available to assist any member, veteran, dependents or survivors of a veteran with information regarding their VA benefits by calling 605-333-6801

SCI/D Support Clinic & Sioux Falls VA Medical Cent

SCI/D Support Clinic & Sioux Falls VA Medical Cent
The mission of the SCI/D system is to support, promote, and maintain the health, independence, quality of life, and productivity of individuals with SCI/D throughout their lives. SCI/D care includes health promotion, prevention, early identification, and treatment of complications related to lifestyle, aging, and living with SCI/D.
The Sioux Falls, SD; Ft. Meade, SD and Fargo, ND is committed to providing for the unique needs of the SCI/D patient and with the support of the PVA has become a SCI/D Support Clinic. National and local training has been accomplished as a step in developing team member to support this program.
The SCI Support Clinic was established to offer annual comprehensive assessments to SCI/D patients in lieu of traveling to a “Hub” facility. These assessments are comprehensive, multidisciplinary, and preventative to include early identification of SCI complications. They include individual physical assessments by members of the core/adjunct team, lab and specific x-ray studies.
The annual assessments are a part of the continuum of care for the SCI/D patient. It is proactive rather than reactive health care. It reinforces the original teachings of rehab.
Annual assessments are conducted Wednesday mornings. Primary care appointments are scheduled for Tuesday afternoons and Friday mornings but patients will be seen on a same day basis for resolution of immediate problems/concerns.
SCI/D patients can access either the SCI Support Clinic or SCI primary care clinic by calling:

Sioux Falls VAMC SCI Coordinator
Rachel Gangle, Social Worker -- 605-336-3230 ext. 7898

Fargo VAMC SCI Coordinator
Tracy Lamont, SCI Coordinator -- 701-239-3765

Ft. Meade VAMC SCI Coordinator
Michelle Hough, Social Worker -- 605-720-7003

NSO Brad Friez
VA Dakota Regional Office
2501 W. 22nd St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57117
605-333-6801 or 800-795-3632

SD State Veterans Cemetery (east side)

State Cemetery Precertification Application

Burial Costs What is provided

Gravesite or Columbarium Niche
Pre-placed Grave liner (Standard Size and some Oversized)
Headstone/Niche Cover
Perpetual Care


There is no fee for burial of an eligible veteran.

Spouse/Eligible Dependent
$796 (all burial options)

Additional charges may be added if the casket is oversized and a larger grave-liner is needed.

If a grave-liner is supplied as part of a prepaid burial plan, the plan will be reviewed and every effort made to meet the terms of the prepaid plan within existing cemetery guidelines.

** Fees for spouse/eligible dependents cannot be prepaid and are subject to change.

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