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10th Annual Doug Brown Memorial Pheasant Hunt

10th Annual Doug Brown Memorial Pheasant Hunt

The 10th annual Doug Brown Memorial Paralyzed Veterans of America Pheasant Hunt was held on 12 September 2022 at the Top Gun hunting lodge outside of Howard, SD.


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From the Office of Brad Friez National Service Officer

I did not want to duplicate what others have put out on the PACT Act or anything related to service at Camp Lejeune. We are nearing the end of September and thus Fall is upon us. Many Veterans are “snow birds” and
will be making their way to a warmer climate soon. With that being said I wanted to help prepare them for their respective journeys down South.

Each VA Hospital has a Traveling Veteran Coordinator on their staff. This person is responsible for coordinating the medical treatment for those Veterans who are away from their primary residence for an extended period of time.
My understanding is that an enrolled Veteran first reaches out to their primary care provider preferably 4 to 6 weeks in advance of their extended travel. The
Veteran will need to provide their provider with their travel destination and temporary address, a valid phone number, arrival and departure dates and specific care concerns. The provider then puts in a consult with the
Traveling Veteran Coordinator at the local VA where the Veteran is enrolled at. That local Traveling Veteran Coordinator then reaches out to the Traveling Veteran Coordinator at the closest VA facility to where that Veteran is traveling to provide coordination or continuity of care while that Veteran is away from their primary residence. By coordinating with the Traveling Veteran Coordinator during the Veterans’ travel the care received at another VA will be documented in that Veteran’s electronic record.

Besides the coordination or continuity of care while wintering elsewhere a Veteran should also ensure that their primary residence is winterized or looked after. If a Veteran is driving to their winter destination, they should also ensure that their vehicle is fully maintained as well as their wheelchair or scooter. Lastly, any other equipment, supplies or medications that are required for
that Veteran during their stay away from home should be obtained prior to their travels. Our office has been contacted in the past on more than one occasion when a Veteran did not do an adequate job of planning. The Traveling Veteran Coordinators for our area are:

Sioux Falls VA - Heather Bowers and her number is 1-605-336-3230, Ext #6758;

Black Hills VA - Cara Deiss and her number is 1-605-347-2511, Ext #16812;

Fargo VA - Robyn Morey and her number is 1-pac701-239-3700, Ext #4315

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