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10th Annual Doug Brown Memorial Pheasant Hunt

10th Annual Doug Brown Memorial Pheasant Hunt

The 10th annual Doug Brown Memorial Paralyzed Veterans of America Pheasant Hunt was held on 12 September 2022 at the Top Gun hunting lodge outside of Howard, SD.


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Donated Dental Services (DDS)

Hundreds of disabled and elderly citizens throughout South Dakota have seriously neglected dental problems. Because of their disabilities or ages, many cannot work. South Dakota’s Medicaid program provides only limited dental services and Medicare generally does not provide dental treatment. Some people do not qualify for assistance even if they are disabled. As a consequence many disabled and elderly people suffer because they cannot pay for the dental care they need.
The South Dakota Donated Dental Services (DDS) program was established in 1008 to help some of our most disadvantaged citizens: people who are disabled, elderly, or medically compromised. The dentists volunteering for DDS donate services in their own offices. Dental laboratories also contribute services. Since the DDS program was created, South Dakota dentists and dental labs have donated more than $7 million of free, comprehensive dental
treatment to those who cannot afford treatment due to financial limitations associated with their age or disabilities.
Currently, nearly 193 dentists and more than 23 dental laboratories across South Dakota serve as volunteers for DDS. Patient Qualifications. To qualify for the DDS program, a patient must: 1) Have a permanent disability or
be elderly (over age 65). The disability may be physical or psychological in nature. It must be a permanent condition that prohibits condition that prohibits or significantly limits employment. 2) Have no other means of obtaining
needed dental care. 3) Need extensive (comprehensive) dental treatment, i.e. more than a check-up and cleaning.

Application Process. The process for application and treatment under the DDS program is as follows: A prospective patient submits an application for donated dental care that is screened by telephone during intake interview with the program coordinator who determines eligibility for the program. The program coordinator contacts the appropriate social service agency or medical professional for further information if eligibility is questionable.

Matching Process. The applicant is then matched with a volunteer dentist when one becomes available in the applicant’s area. The dentist receives a patient profile outlining the applicant’s dental needs, health issues, and financial circumstances prior to accepting and treating the patient.

Treatment Process. The applicant receives a letter reporting the phone number and address of the volunteer dentist. The patient schedules an initial appointment with the dentist. After the initial examination, the program
coordinator contacts the dentist and confirms that the patient was on time for the appointment and the dentist agrees to continue to see the patient. The program coordinator arranges for the lab work and services by a specialist. During the span of the treatment, the dentist or patient may contact the coordinator at any time if either experience any problems with the program.
Completion Process. After treatment is complete, the dentist reports the time involved in the case and the value of the services provided. After completion of the DDS process, the patient is ineligible for future services, so the
DDS program may treat other eligible persons. DDS is always in need of dentists and labs willing to assist. Volunteers may elect to see one or more patients per year, and treatment is always at the dentist’s discretion.
For more information on the South Dakota DDS program or to obtain an application, please contact the program coordinator at telephone 1-605-224-4012 or 1-866-551-8023.

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