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10th Annual Doug Brown Memorial Pheasant Hunt

10th Annual Doug Brown Memorial Pheasant Hunt

The 10th annual Doug Brown Memorial Paralyzed Veterans of America Pheasant Hunt was held on 12 September 2022 at the Top Gun hunting lodge outside of Howard, SD.


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Veteran gets VA health care at home

It used to be difficult for Marine Veteran Kenneth Schmitt to load his wheelchair into his car and drive to the nearest VA facility. He no longer drives, and now receives VA medical care through the...

USA Today - Airplane lavatory article quoting PVA

Today an airplane lavatory article by Jayme Fraser published on the USA Today Network project site and 200+ local news sites so far:

VA’s Telehealth improves the way VA delivers care

VA’s telehealth program uses technology to improve how VA delivers your care. Just ask Air Force Veteran Bill Nelson. The survivor of three heart attacks, he’s a big fan of the program. A nurse provi...

Choice, Control, Clarity: Appeals Modernization

The Appeals Modernization Act (AMA) of 2017 gave Veterans a greater choice in how to disagree with a VA claim decision. Giving Veterans more choice has been a top priority for VA. Cheryl Mason, the C...

VIONE changes the way VA handles prescriptions

V-I-O-N-E. These five letters can change a Veteran’s life. For many Veterans, taking a variety of medications is a necessity. But the simultaneous use of multiple medications—known as polypharmacy—ca...

App helps Veterans manage chemotherapy symptoms

Veterans with cancer who undergo aggressive therapies often endure adverse effects. The worst symptoms usually happen at home following chemotherapy or other treatment. As a result, a team at the Min...

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